Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stellar Phoenix

Data Loss

Download now Download now Whether it's family pictures and video to important business files we all have things on our computers we would hate to lose. Sometimes however unforeseen problems occur and these files feel like they're gone forever. Taking your computer to a place such as Best Buy can be very costly and most of the time they won't be able to restore anything important. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software will help you restore lost files and you don't need to be a computer expert to use it.


Stellar Phoenix can recover files from your emptied recycle bin, reformatted drives, and even a wide range of CD/DVD formats. With a simple Windows similar format restoring your lost file takes little effort and almost no time at all. Your files are displayed in an easy to read format with an option to view the files before restoring in case you're not sure which file you need. Smaller things such as files deleted from our recycle bin can be recovered quickly however with a little more time you can even restore items from from reformatted and altered partitions.

Personal Use

Even if you're not a recovery expert Stellar Phoenix can be easy to use. Offering three choices DVD/CD recovery, Photo Recovery, and Drive Recovery there's no need to go through complicated steps to get your important files back. We all keep important information on our computers such as family pictures, bank statements, business files, and much more. When we lose these things it can be damaging not only emotionally but financially too.
Along with being simple to use it also gives many advanced options that can help you locate that one special file among the sea of deleted ones. Your computer doesn't always retain the names of deleted files, you can sort recovered items by file type, size, date, and much more. It can recover almost 200 file types and the pro version even lets you recover files from an unbootable computer.

Final Thoughts

Undergoing many tests Stellar Phoenix recovered all our files without a problem, This and having an easy to use interface while still offering multiple tools and expert quality data recovery has landed Stellar Phoenix as our #1 data recovery software.
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